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Looking for a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that doesn't dry? Then read this Amok Lovefit Whipped Lips review and also get an Althea coupon code.

for the past four weeks, i’ve been trying a lot of liquid lipsticks from asian brands, especially from those who are not well-known outside of their countries. this time i got my hands on something with a very đáng yêu packaging and interesting formula. intrigued? then read the rest of this amok lovefit whipped lips review.

amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity

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what is it?

amok lovefit whipped lips will give you full, smooth coverage in one swipe. spherical powders fill in the lips thoroughly, leaving lips smooth and soft just like a primer. it has a matte finish and non-sticky, with “high-fix type” that lasts all day. high-fix texture is a unique technology of amok, it claims to glides on smoothly and slowly with comfort and precision for long-lasting wear. lastly, they are available in eight shades.


application: amok lovefit whipped lips claimed to be a matte lipstick, but to be honest, i think they have a velvet formula instead. it glides smoothly on the lips and will give you an opaque matte finish without drying at all! i swear, despite the matte finish, my lips feel smooth.

amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity

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packaging: the amok lovefit whipped lips are packaged in a xinh đẹp pink and black box. but what i like more is the cute pink tubes which are not like those other liquid lipsticks. amok has a unique and patented packaging called “spin-wiper container”.

amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity

the spinning scraper is located inside the container, it mixes the content consistently, preventing pollution and separation of contents. it clearly scrapes the formula inside so that up to 95% of the product can be used up. to use it, just screw the bottom of the container.

amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity

another thing i love about the packaging is the sponge in the opening. it effectively controls the amount of the product and it also prevents the spill.

amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity

lastly, amok lovefit whipped lips also have a unique triangular wand that gives you more control of the product when you apply it on your lips. the shape helps you reach the corner of your lips and perfectly shape your cupid’s bow.

scent: amok lovefit whipped lips smells like candy, particularly, a jelly ace! i love it more than kylie liquid lipstick’s smell. although, smelling jelly ace far too long can be nauseating for those with a sensitive nose.

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amok lovefit whipped lips review | style vanity
shades: m322, m125 & m137

results: amok lovefit whipped lips is described by the manufacturer with fancy words such as “spherical powders” and “hi-fix texture” but in a nutshell, they are liquid lipstick with a velvety formula. trust me, they feel super smooth on your lips and it fills the crack on your lips so it gives you super kissable lips look. amok  lovefit whipped lips also gives you a matte, smooth, and opaque finish, but they dry so long. this is the only liquid lipstick where i waited so long to dry. that is why on the middle photo above it smudged while i was testing if it was smudge-proof but it wasn’t dry yet. although they don’t get erased by water easily, as long as they’re fully dried they can even last all day! but eating oily food will completely wipe them out, obviously.


pros: soft on the lips, doesn’t dry, smells good, and lasts longer than average lipsticks. but my favorite is that it filled the cracks on your lips, so it gives you full smooth lips.

cons: takes too long to dry, and despite having 12 different shades they’re mostly red and pinks. this is the problem with asian beauty brands, their lipstick shade collections always consist of reds, pinks, and oranges only. i wish they have more like nude, browns and mauves.

will i buy it again? despite the lack of shades, i think i will buy them again because of its longevity and it fills the cracks of my lips so it looks fuller and smoother. and also my friends have been bugging me to buy more for them as well.

where to buy?

amok lovefit whipped lips cost php371 each from althea. they ship in the philippines, malaysia, indonesia, thailand, and more, including the us!

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