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ever never order from their website!

i bought over $100 kiehl’s product through their online last month, got order confirmation then a few shipment confirmation, however order still had not delivered. then waited for another week, then i received a notice about their online system technical issue and needed to re-process my order again! this has taken up more than 3 weeks for an order delivery.
then last week, i make another order since my best friend wanted a handcream from kiehl’s. i thought last order was only an accident. then i was informed via email that my order has been cancelled due to they couldn’t verify some or all of your payment information?! i checked my credit card transaction and it’s charged already! then i checked with their customer service and advised that there’s technical issue and i should place another order again?! who will stupid enough to place another order while last order was cancelled and charged! super bad customer service and online experience with kiehl’s. they should fix their online portal issue or else they lost all of their customer! i will never use their online portal again!!!

honesty one of the worst experiences.

honesty one of the worst experiences.

placed an order on kiehl’s website in which dpd failed to attempt to deliver.
ok not kiehl’s issue although they choose who they use to deliver order.
at this point i reach out to kiehl’s customer service. 48 hours later i receive a response to say it take 14 days to get a refund if the order is returned to us.
i complain that no order arrived this is not a return simply your delivery service did not deliver so the parcel is already with your courier dpd.
kiehl’s reponse sorry we cannot give a refund any earlier until we recive the order back in our warehouse so the refund will take up to 14 days.

not only am i now without what i ordered i now am out of pocket for 14 days….

shocking policy’s for a very large cooperate company you would expect better.

due to this i shall no longer use kiehl’s at all going forward and shall look elsewhere.

差到无以复加,really bad service!!!


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i made an order 20 days ago from their italy site and they never shipped my order. i tried to contact them through phone and email several times and no one knows why my order hasn’t been shipped!!! then i want them to cancel my order, but they said it’s not possible. how ridiculous is this??????

very very poor customer service

very very poor customer service. i ordered them and they took money from my account four weeks ago and no one explained why they have been delayed with apology. i couldn’t get any person to response about it. on the phone they keep saying if i still want the products or let customer team touch me and the customer team send email that they elevated the issue. that’s all. so ridiculous.

charged my card for $159 and i never heard back!

really poor customer service. placed my order on their website and never got any confirmation. in the meanwhile, they have deducted $159 from my account and i never heard back from them!! very poor.

great service

great service, friendly staff and very very helpful.

this was about a year ago but they…

this was about a year ago but they didn’t send me a face cream which i paid for and i emailed twice to two addresses and was completely ignored! such disgusting service

dont bother

i purchased this product over a month ago. once the product arrived – it looked used and the wording on the bottle was very much faded, which made me question:
a) whether the product is genuine
b) whether the product has already been used
considering the price of the product – this is not acceptable. i am already cautious about what i use on my face, let alone a fairly expensive product which looks as though it has been in someone’s cupboard for the last 6 months!
anyway, i contacted customer service and sent 2 follow up emails, still waiting for someone to get back to me. let me just re emphasise that this has been ongoing for over a month, what a complete waste of £54.
having been a loyal customer of kiehls the past couple of years, the fact that no one can get back to me is really and truly appalling customer service. due to this, i would advise you spend your money elsewhere. dont let the same mistake happen to you.

questionable marketing tactics, horrible customer service

the products are sometimes nice, but the customer service is horrendous! this year has been the worst, it’s like they are trying to milk the covid woes everyone is experiencing to make it worse. this year they have made mistakes in multiple orders. i also found they offer this sample or không tính phí bag or something like this, if you buy something and often they do not follow through with the offer. once i spent about 5 hours complaining and they finally sent me the $2 bag, was it worth the 5 hours of complaining? point is, companies should not treat customers this way with the high price point of their products. think i’ll start looking for a new line of skin care.

very bad customer service!

very bad customer service!! obviously when you pay with ideal high chance that you don’t get your order. payment gets through but no email confirmation and no sending of the order. this happened to me already 3 times and clearly a known issue to them but no actions are taking to solve this for the past year! whereas this is a known issue they wait until you contact customer service, then you have to wait for a refund and place a new order. in case you used a promotion code with your original order that’s no longer valid by the time you place the new order, then oops that’s your problem, you just can pay a higher amount now. customer service is not taking you serious at all and ignore your feedback and questions fully, especially femke. customer service is not empowered at all to compensate loyal customers for all the trouble or to come with an alternative solution. although i’m a loyal customer for many years and i like the products, i’ll start looking for another brand.

wish i read these reviews before buying shocking customer service and expensive products that don’t work

for a luxury skin care brand you’d expect the customer service to match it but it’s absolutely shocking. decided to give their products a go even though they are very expensive… in the 6 months i’ve used them i can’t say i’ve seen any difference, however decided to buy some more in a recent 20% sale after being recommended a product by their online chat person. however when i went into a kiehl store they told me it was the wrong product and wouldn’t work on my skin.. so i emailed kiehl to ask for a refund and to exchange for another product but keep the 20 per cent off since it had expired. i got a rude email back saying no they won’t do it and then i complained again sending a polite but lengthy email about how it was such poor customer service…. its been over a month and they have actually ignored my several follow up emails. previously spent over £350 in 6 months with them and will now shop elsewhere.

over kiehl’s

over kiehl’s. i used to love kiehl’s. they have mostly great products and friendly in-store service. however, kiehl’s has the most frustrating virtual customer service i’ve ever experienced. for such a ridiculously expensive brand, you would think they would be more generous with their customer service. a while back i had purchased a large size (16.9 oz) calendula deep cleansing foaming face wash. not a month after i purchased it, the pump broke. i reached out asking for a replacement pump and all they said was “we can’t replace the pump. can i help you with anything else?” that was it. i spent $50 usd on a large-quantity product that i now had to pour into my hand for the next however many months to a year that i would be using it. i couldn’t travel with it and it was just không tính phí to slowly evaporate and for bacteria to enter. i was beyond annoyed. the customer service representative was short and rude and offered no other solutions. then, more recently my mother gifted me the avocado nourishing hydration mask. i tried it, and the product really sucked. it was chunky and made my skin sting. so i wrote an honest, but negative review on their website and included a photo of the product in the jar and on my face. then i got an email that my review would be removed. i was irritated, but whatever. most brands delete negative customer reviews, so i wasn’t shocked. then, a few days later, i received an email to reach out to their customer service team. i thought, “finally, they care and they are going to try to make this right.” it turns out they wanted me to call them because they were “concerned” about the reaction i had to the product. i assume it’s a liability thing or something. so the person on the phone spent ten minutes asking me questions about medications, allergies, etc. she took down my full name and asked if i had thrown out the product. of course, i had. then she proceeded to tell me that because it was a gift and i had thrown it away, that they couldn’t refund it. not a big deal since i didn’t personally pay for it, but obviously it still sucks and i would like to have had a product i can use. of course, my mom is unhappy about it as well. i understand the policy, but i am just so frustrated that they took my information, took time out of my day to get information about the skin reaction, probably just to protect themselves. they took my full name and information and offered me nothing. barely an apology and not even a $5 store credit or something stupid. on top of that, the whole tone of the conversation wasn’t pleasant or kind, it was just dry and rude. i will no longer shop at kiehl’s. i’m over this kind of treatment. if they can’t back up their products i’m not interested in shelling out.

i was worried about the shipping after…

i was worried about the shipping after reading the other reviews but i got my package 3 days after i made the order. i am in canada so it might be a bit different than in u.s. this was written during the coronavirus.

why is it called customer service?

this product was referred to me by my esthetician. i bought $170 worth of products and i can see and feel a huge difference in my face. a few months later i decided to repurchase the same products to replenish my stash even though i have quite a few more months of product left. 2 days after making the purchase i discount email of 25% came through my email. i called the customer service line and was told they could not apply the discount to my order that i would have to return the shipment and reorder. why?!!??!!! i asked for a supervisor and told none were available but they could have someone call me back within 3-5 days. why!?!! of course no one ever called me back so i am be searching for a new product. service is paramount in my opinion…products are plentiful.

blooming experience

was strolling through the airport and saw their store. was skeptical to use at first but received great service from the representative and fell in love with the ultra facial toner and the exfoliator.

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thanks for the help!

-a happy customer.

no refund as promised

so after weeks of pushing them for a refund a supervisor calls. no real interest in my reaction and promised a refund, except it’s not arrived in my bank account and sufficient time given.
bad is what their service really is and this adverse review rating fully deserved, back onto them 😡

only the latest review will count in the company’s trustscore

even tho they aren’t my brand of…

even tho they aren’t my brand of choise, i have used it before and they are quite good.

the oils are of fast absortion making the hairs really soft over time. the only reason i switched brands is because i prefer the smell of my new one (and also i do some of my own)… but kielhl’s doesn’t lack behind quality wise.

i am really happy about all the…

i am really happy about all the products of this brand, been using them over 2 years now… my skin is very sensitive so its important that the ingredients used are quality high

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