L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream, 50ml

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From India

Reviewed in India on 7 June 2018

As always a great product by loreal..cream consistancy is thick and non oily on skin..includes vitamin e that helps skin to make softer and nd tourmaline gem stone helps to vanish all the dark patches..it really a worth buying product it really works after using a long range of brands..worth buying

Reviewed in India on 17 September 2018

Have been using for the past 2 weeks, visible reduction of pimples plus soft skin. But whitening will take some more weeks i guess. Will update about that in future. Overall a nice product with nice smell and non-greasy texture

Reviewed in India on 18 May 2017

I read lots of negative reviews… But I have acne prone oily skin which is hormonal… It works for me best

Reviewed in India on 28 September 2018

Both cream are original and very good 😘am totally satisfied

L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream, 50ml

5.0 out of 5 stars If you buying any product first read all reviews

By Sana ibrahim on 28 September 2018

Both cream are original and very good 😘am totally satisfied

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L'Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream, 50ml

Reviewed in India on 3 August 2019

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Seriously….it has lightened my darkspots in 15-20 days. I also use glycolic acid + lactic acid cream which help in exfoliation but i apply it on face only for 20-25 min….& then i wash it…before going to bed i apply loreal night cream & massage gently for 15-20 seconds & after that i take little amount on finger tip & put it on dark spot…then dont rub. In morning i use only sunscreen. This is night cream so its is okay….bcoz it does not get absorb properly in skin…little oily but wont breakout from this.

Reviewed in India on 6 May 2020

i must say its a perfect skin cream for all females and all males as it can be used by allergic people also.

Its a night cream so before going to sleep, apply 30 minutes before you sleep to get the best results within 15-20 days. I must advise every females and males to buy this beautiful product from this seller. Seller is genuine and delivery is within 5-7 days in your living in a metro city.

Reviewed in India on 14 May 2020

Best for dull skin people and must buy for those whose baby skin totaly gone and turn into more darker….. Melanin vanish help ur skin to breath and clear excess dirt and cool down ur face..oily people never buy it this ws nt for them. Dry skin ppl who has pimple or acne on thier face can use this cream to control pimple and get brighter skin togther which was generally not possible…

By using a pimple product we get our skin more darker ….mostly the use of tea tree religiously destroy ur skin texture. You can giva a try to this cream.

Reviewed in India on 7 February 2021

Don’t buy this cream if u have oily or combination skin- this cream dry the face too much….😵

My skin type- normal level of oily skin

I use tiz cream in my face and neck

I use this in 1st day it’s good moisturizer

But 3rd day I got a itching 😷on my neck area and cheeks are too much dry

5th day itching coming my lower cheeks area

Also I got a many bulk like acne on my face😰

After 15 days I stop using this cream

This L’Oreal night cream was not suitable for my skin type

Waste of money😤

Reviewed in India on 20 December 2019

It’s an amazing cream… If u hv a dry skin than plz don’t go for it… Superb for oily n combination skin… It’s non greasy.. Light…. N an effective night cream…

Reviewed in India on 22 April 2019

I have hormonal acne and I cannot apply most creams as my skin is sensitive. But I bought this cream after reading reviews and its content and to my surprise this has proved to be the best night cream I have used. U will see the results overnight in ur skin texture as it becomes soft and supple and as its water based …it doesn’t make ur skin oily at all. for pigmentation results have to wait for sometime. thanks

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