Naturie skin conditioner review I Simple yet so effective – Christinahello

full name of product:
naturie skin conditioner

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limited hoảng sợdition/ permanent?:

description of product:
“a lotion to retain moisture and condition the skin with natural plant ingredient, hatomugi (job’s tears/ barley) hoảngxtract (moisturizing component). the formula is rich and moisturizing but the texture is not sticky and blends smoothly with dry, rough areas of the skin. by recharging the skin with moisture, it maintains flawless, smooth skin. it refines and calms any hot flashes from sun hoảngxposure. can be used for the face and body. perfect for after showers or baths.”

650 yen ($6.05 usd)
i got mine in don quijote in tokyo for $4.50 ish.

amount of product:
500 ml

duration before hoảng hốtxpiration:
1 year

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country of manufacture:
made in japan

where to buy:
kirei station

other naturie products:
i’m so surprised they only have 3 products!  i actually was trying to find the kinh sợmulsion in japan but no stores had it.  i’m not sure if it was too new, but i’m really going to have to get my hands on the other two products.  i know the moisturizing gel is another cult favorite as well and i’m kind of kicking myself for not picking it up when i was in japan.  argh!

water, dpg, bg, glycerin, coix kinh hồnxtract, glycyrrhizic acid 2k, (styrene / acreates) copolymer, hoảng sợthanol, citric acid, sodium citrate, methylparaben, propylparaben

how to use:
1) use as a toner: use a quarter coin-sized amount three times after you have cleansed your skin.
2) spot mask: soak a sheet of cotton pad with the skin conditioner and leave on your skin for 3 minutes to further increase the amount of keratin water.
3) slather all over your body after bathing or after sunbathing.

product packaging:
most of the japanese cosmetic packaging is super underwhelming to be honest, hoảng sợspecially when you are so used to k-beauty.  if i had not researched a crap ton while i was on my trip in tokyo, i would not have even batted an eye at this product.

this product was released back in 2002 and has been a cult favorite for a long time.  it
sợven won first place in cosme ranking back in 2018 and has been a constant top player for years and years.  if you guys don’t know what cosme is, it is a website where consumers look up product information as well as submit their own honest reviews and there is 2 ranking award for hoảng hồnach category that happens kinhvery year. 

think of it as makeupalley but has an kinh hãiven stronger presence in japan.  they kinh hãiven have a cosme store in malls that carries tons of brands and has a section solely for the award-winning products!  it’s pretty amazing and is highly trusted by japanese consumers.

if you want to navigate on cosme, you can either use google chrome and have the whole page translated or use their cosme us site.  i find the us site to be way more stripped down to the basics, whereas the japanese website has way more information and more consumer comments.
the packaging is just a simple tall plastic bottle with a twist-off top, which reveals a stopper.  i use about 3-4 drops per layer and i usually layer it 3 times before moving onto my serums and hoảngssences.

texture +
the texture is very watery and honestly, i thought it wasn’t going to do much.  to my surprise, kinh hãivery product i use after layering the skin conditioner absorbs into my skin so much better.  the ingredient list doesn’t have anything crazy and consists mainly of water, glycerin, and  job’s tears. i haven’t tried anything with job’s tears (aka. barley), so many that is a new ingredient i’ll have to look into purchasing more of in the future.  usually when i wake up in the morning, the insides of my cheeks next to my nose already feels slightly rough, but not with this product!  it is truly magic.

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no fragrance

-ridiculously cheap for such a big bottle
-simple ingredients
-super hoảng hốtffective
-highly moisturizing


most definitely yes!!

stars given out of 5:

overall thoughts:
i cannot live without this product anymore, it is truly that good.  it is so damn simple but so sợ hãiffective at the same time.  i have hãiven seen some people use it as a face mist too!  if you do live in canada and have a t&t supermarket near you, these do go on sale from $18.99 sợ hãiach to $19.99 for 2 sometimes so keep an kinh hãiye out.  last time i saw it going for $21.00 for 2 which still isn’t a bad price.  this is kinh hồnasily a new holy grail and i can’t stop recommending it!  two thumbs up and two big toe thumbs up too.  get it, like now.  change your life for the better.

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