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this is purely based on customer…

this is purely based on customer service as i haven’t yet managed to purchase from the site. i was given a £7.50 off voucher and it has been torturous trying to get this voucher applied. i’m currently sitting in the chat and being grilled about how i received this voucher and i’ve been asked to screenshot the evidence! looks like i won’t be buying any products at all. what a carry on.

paula’s choice. is if worth the money?

firstly i would like to start off by saying the delivery was quick and easy, packaging wise i would give it a 1 star rating as the box was damaged and the products alone were not well concealed. i started to use this product a month a go. it cost me 99.00 for the bundle which had a vast range of skin product. i can rate the 4 star for how much i recieved as they sent me extra samples along with what i already bought.
when i started to use this range my skins felt tight, it burnt my face and made it tingle and felt very dry after. i used the moisturizer which did very little and did not hydrate my skin. over time my skin began to peel and my foundation would look clumpy and dry after using the skin care. i recommend the brand to people who’s skin can handle this product. for me this just wasnt good for my skin. it did the opposite of what i wanted. i recently found out i have an allergy to the sun and wearing masks all the time adds to the stress to the skin on my face. i have large pores also which doesnt make this easier. i found this product did not help my pores and made very little difference to it. i would say my money was wasted giving it a go. i think people need to assess what their skin is like before going for this expensive brand. you do not want to jump in to testing something out that may cause further harm to your skin.
i would say dont waste money on this brand unless you know your skin will truly benefit from it. it not good on fair skin. however some it may actually help. i also found my fingers began to feel from the use of applying the product with my hands. so please be careful using this. it takes awhile to reverse the damage it does.

the most frustrating website we’ve…

the most frustrating website we’ve used. it didn’t give a confirmation to say the order had been successful and asked my mum to resubmit the form 3 times. my poor 74 year old mum now has 3 orders of the same product and 3x delivery charges. customer services were shocking. now have to wait an age for the products to be delivered and returned before my mum can get her refund. totally unacceptable in this day and age. get your customer services brought into this century pc! won’t be using pc again – pretty sure there are just as good and cheaper dupes out there with better customer services i’m sure!

do not buy from this company

do not buy from this company

i purchased a lot of products from this company with their money back guarantee, i was actually allergic to the range, i emailed them and they came back and agreed a refund, then no refund came, they’ve used every excuse and now won’t send me my £130 back, i had read a review like this before, wish i’d listened i now have no products and have lost my money, save your money and buy elsewhere!

good products. really annoying deliveries.

the only negative i have with this company is their delivery is mostly annoying. it takes far too long, and in this age of next day or even same day delivery, taking several days to deliver a face wash is just not good enough. they also use hermes which is a terrible courier from my experience.

on the plus side this is the only skincare brand that has some products that really work. their bha is superb and effective. i’ve recommended it to a few others and they’ve all had effective results very quickly and said the same thing. it really is good and does work. they need to get their stuff on amazon or in retail shops so people can actually buy their stuff without the hassle of their slow delivery though.

great products, great customer service

the products are great, with a big variety based on the needs and the skin type. they even provide the option to return a product and get refunded in case it does not suit your needs or it reacts bad with your skin. i don’t know of another company providing something like this. plus, the customer service is super effective, there was a product missing from my order and they resent it the same day i sent them an email.

to be honest im so frustrated with this…

to be honest im so frustrated with this company. at first i thought wow finally a brand that works but i used it for 2 month now and my skin got even worse! every time when i used it new pimples would show up and those really hurts so bad that you wanna cry if you accidentally touched them!! they won’t go away either and i never had that much of a problem with pimples. the customer service is really bad they told me it is my own fault and that there is nothing wrong with their products. well jokes on them that they don’t know the writing from the instruction part of the bottle. i would not recommend this brand to anyone because at the end you wasted money and earned pain

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faulty bottle

i ordered the skin perfecting aha exfoliate pump. the bottle started to ooze black liquid everywhere from the pump mechanism as well as product leaking too. the black liquid fell all over my duvet cover.
i have no issues with the product itself btw just the bottle seemed defective.

updated edit: after almost 3 weeks of discussing the matter with customer services i finally reviewed a replacement product along with a product to exceed the value of the damaged duvet cover- grateful that this matter has finally been resolved.

reply from paula’s choice europe

dear a ali,
thank you for your message here on trustpilot, i am sorry to hear about your experience.
as you know we are in contact with you at the moment to solve your complaint.
i hope this information proves helpful. warmest regards paula’s choice customer care.

excellent customer service

excellent customer service they were beyond helpful.
fast delivery and products are brilliant. my skin has cleared so much after a few weeks of using the bha exfoliant.

5 stars for paula’s choice!…

i can’t say enough good things about paula’s choice.i suffer from a skin condition called rosascea-it causes rings of tiny very red spots on my face-
mainly my nose and on the laughter lines of my face.heard of this company
in a magazine about 10 years ago and,
being desparate,decided to try their
products.i tried their calm range which is for people with red,irritated,rosascea prone skin is also combination.
i use their calm cleanser for oily/combination skin,and their calm toner for oily/combination.i also use their brilliant unscrub,which is such a gentle scrub,even i can use it.i also
use their super hydrate overnight mask
which soothes my skin and leaves it feeling clean and night i use
their clear oil không tính tiền moisturiser.

sounds like a lot of products,but you don’t need to use much ,they last ages,and you can buy a sample size to

see if they suit you.

any full size products that don’t suit can

be returned for a refund.

after all this,what i want to say is that

my rosascea spots have gone.and the redness on my face is 95% better.

if you’re not sure what would suit you ,you can ring and chat to one of their beauty experts.i can’t recommend their

products highly enough.they’ve

restored my confidence,and made my life whole lot happier.



i can’t describe how amazing my skin has become!!!

it’s been a gradual process and taken about 5 months but even about 4 weeks into using these products my skin stared showing positive improvements, i use the salicylic acid exfoliate with niacinamide acid and my blemishes have basically gone, i have less breakouts too. thank you so much paulas choice x

warning, the bha exfoliant may cause dry skin

i recently bought the bha 2% exfoliant liquid from this company, and i’ve only been using the product for a week and a half. applying the product to my skin 2 times a day, i have noticed my skin has become really dry and irritated from the product. every time i apply the product, i get a really stinging sensation. i’m really disappointed as i was recommended this product. however, i have really dry white patches on my skin and don’t know what to do.

reply from paula’s choice europe

dear salma.

thank you for sharing your experience with us – we’re sorry to hear this didn’t work as expected for you! when using a bha exfoliant for the first time, introduce it into your routine slowly. start by using your exfoliant once every other day, and then increase usage to once or twice daily based on your skin’s response.

please contact a member of our customer care team, who can assist you with a possible alternative.

great company.

can only recommend this company.

great service and short delivery time.

i made a order a few weeks back and the product didn’t suit my skin. i then contacted the customers service and they refunded the whole amount back to me.

awful experience

i placed my order one month ago and after it has been returned and reshipped, it is apparently still held in storage somewhere in the nl. they are saying that if i want to receive the parcel, well, i’ll have to find my own way to get it. beyond appalling. never have i experienced such a bad service with any other company. not even “during covid”. i have been using their products regularly, but since this change of guard has happened, they have completely lost any respect to their customers. never again.

reply from paula’s choice europe

dear angelica,

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i am sorry to hear about the shipping problems with your order.

could you please reply on this message with your order number, than i will contact you personally and solve your problem as soon as possible.

i am sorry for the inconvenience and i hope to hear from you soon.

warmest regards paula’s choice customer care.

customer service where are you?

i received my order but one product was missing. i tried to contact paula’s choice, but nobody answer. i’m very disappointed, once they’re customer service works better.

ok, my order number is euupdating. calm moisturizer spf 30 normal to oily skin was missing.

reply from paula’s choice europe

dear customer, i am sorry to hear that you are missing one product in your order. if you could please send me your order number than i will send you the missing item as soon as possible. warmest regards paula’s choice customer care.

*thank you for your reply, i contacted you personally.

excellent customer services

excellent customer services. i ordered the wrong cream and they were excellent in sorting it out immediately and also gave me a chance to keep the wrong cream. the product is good even though i have just started using it. definitely will buy again.

do not shop here

do not shop here. the products i purchased did not work. i returned these for a refund as per their returns policy. it took nearly two months to get a reply and refund after several emails and even contacting their social media channels. if you do return anything, make sure you send it tracked as i was told they hadn’t received it. it was a good job i sent it with tracking or i’d be without an order and money! worst customer service ever!

reply from paula’s choice europe

dear jasmine, thank you for your review. unfortunately, not everyone reacts in the same way to skin-care ingredients, and some can be more sensitive to a particular ingredient than others. we always ask our customers to obtain a proof of postage receipt when you send your item back to us. proof of postage does not cost anything, but without it, we may not be able to process your refund or replacement in the rare event that your return package is lost in transit. best regards pc customer care.

great customer service

great customer service, quick delivery, and most importantly the products are great! wish the products were in something more sustainable than plastic, but i understand that is hard to do.

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