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(i deleted my first post about these tints, realized i still prefer doing a photo+text review instead. also i needed to spend more time using them. also if i was spamming, posting kept having an error so yeah)

black rouge cream matt rouge

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texture: cream cheese like, thick and not airy, but also not very oily. so it doesn’t feel like the smoothest application unlike some tints that have some more oil but this helps it stick to the lips and be very matte. i didn’t expected it to stay well on the lips because it’s so thick but it’s pretty good, especially if you build up the layers. for reference, it’s similar to the bbia the last velvet tint but this one feels less smooth? like bbia is cake icing, black rouge is silken tofu or something

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pigmentation: very pigmented, a few dots can go a long way longevity: not a liquid lipstick so it really will come off if you rub it a lot but it at least isn’t the type to just get smothered everywhere at the slightest movement. also even if you try smudging it off, a decent thin layer is left on the lips so it doesn’t look like a donut. for reference i think it stays on better than romand zero velvet tints

colors: cm05 is deep burnt orange brown color, less orange than romand witty but it’s definitely in there somewhere. cm07 is a beautiful deep red, i’d say it’s neutral red

black rouge air fit velvet tint

texture: not very thick, definitely not a very mousse-y type of texture. a bit similar in viscosity to merzy tints (but not similar at all in application, etc). a32 is noticeablely more runny than a12, they are from different versions so that may play a role. it is very easy to layer them on the lips because the texture is to thin, i don’t even need to use my fingers because it seems to gradient on its own. very easy to not over do it! at first, especially when layered a bit, it looks quite moist. even on the swatch you can see it looks a bit moist. but i realized after a few hours (perhaps coupled with it fading) it actually dried down and felt a bit drying on my lips. nothing major but it definitely made my lips look more of a wrinkly mess. i didn’t like that but i realized perhaps it has potential to be used under a mask if dried out that way!

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pigmentation: decent but the matt rouge is much more intense

longevity: when it’s moist/thick the top layer can be smudged off but when it’s dry it’s very durable!

colors: a12 is a classic chili red, a32 is more brown, less “hot”

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