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hi, first post on ab! 🙂 this is my review of o hui’s cushion foundation. it’s marketed as a high coverage, moisturizing foundation with spf. i’ve tried a lot of korean cushions in the past, being korean myself, and this cushion pleasantly surprised me.

coverage 4/5

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the coverage is a lot better than i was expecting. my mom and i bought a pack (compact and three refills) together and it works well for both of us. i have super dry, fair asian skin and i dont have to use a concealer for a everyday makeup look. for my mom, she has dry, fair skin with hyperpigmentation and it still shows through. for me, the coverage was more than enough (because i usually prefer semi-coverage anyway) but for my mom it’s not enough just by itself.

effect 5/5

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i really like the way this foundation has a very “glass skin” effect, especially because my skin tend to always look really dry even with moisturizer and foundation. as a comparison, the face shop cushion is super dewy and settled into every dry patch on my face. this one doesn’t settle and makes my skin look slightly “bouncy”. if you’re oily…. i dont know if i would recommend this cushion, although the line has other formulas for less coverage, matte, etc.

longevity 4/5

this cushion is pretty long lasting but since it’s a dewy formula, it’s not going to hide natural moisture at the end of the day. if i know i’m going to be sweating all day i usually switch to my clinique concealer foundation. it stay well for something like a club outing but i wouldnt wear it for an all day outdoor event.

this foundation takes a while for it to set naturally. although you can also just set it with powder. i usually dont use setting powder so for 20mins the foundation is slightly more transferable.

for me, the most important factor of “longevity” in foundation is gradually fading away vs foundation “holes” in certain areas. i dont like taking a lot of makeup with me so even if the foundation fades, i want a return to my natural skin rather than a patch of natural skin showing through on my nose. if you dont mind touching up specific spots for a constant full coverage, i dont recommend.

price 3/5

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the price is not too bad, although its pricier than most cushions out there. but with any cushion compact, the amount of product you get is going to be a lot less than a bottled foundation. honestly, if i used this everyday it would be gone so fast. my clinique foundation is still almost full and i’ve had that bottle way longer. i like this better than my other foundations but….. maybe not enough kếch xùstantly have to go buy refills.

overall 4/5

recommend for dry skin, older skin, dry climate, paler skin.

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