The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser Review

The Body Shop Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser Review. It comes in a classy orange plastic jar with black screw cap. The cap shuts tightly and thus

i hope you all are not bored from my constant the body shop reviews. i did a huge haul from the body shop and thus sharing all of it here. my skin would behave all well until acne treatment caused my skin to become sensitive and i can no longer use my usual products. due to this, my skin became dull and lifeless. no home remedy seemed useful. while i was at tbs store, the sa looked at my face and suggested me this product and i got it home. read on to know how it fared.

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product description:

say goodbye to grumpy, dull, fatigued looking skin and reveal your natural, healthy-looking glow with our vitamin c glow boosting moisturizer. this gel cream moisturizer helps:

boost glow: skin is clarified, revealing your natural healthy-looking glow

energize: fresh, lightweight formula fights signs of fatigue, with an invigorating fragrance

hydrate: infuses skin with juicy moisture

infused with our amazonian camu camu berries, which have up to 60x the vitamin c power of and orange


inr 2295

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my experience with the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser:

it comes in a classy orange plastic jar with a black screw cap. the cap shuts tightly and thus no product leaks out. it is not very heavy in weight, but i wish it was more compact. there is no spatula provided with it.

i have oily, sensitive and acne prone skin that sweats a lot even in ac. vitamin c is not good for sensitive skin and thus the sa at tbs store refused to show me any product from their vitamin c range, but came up with this jar saying that this is specially designed to suit sensitive skin and provide glow. it has a mild scent of citrus which is not bothersome. i really like how tbs keeps smell mild. the moisturizer has a gel like consistency which is plus for my oily skin.

it is slightly orange in color, but the color won’t show on skin. it is not sticky and does not leave a cast on the face. it gets absorbed easily and leaves no greasiness behind. it somewhat stays matte on my skin, but i notice that when i sweat excessively, a little product remains behind. but, it can be massaged into the skin afterwards. to overcome such issue, i use in at night. so, due to ac it stays on. it did not break me out nor caused any irritation. however, i do not have the courage to use it in day and subject my face to sun exposure.

i would say to be careful while using it. it has hydrated my skin well. my dad did notice some glow on my face right after first use and said, “tumhara chehra chamak raha hai!”. i use a quarter of pea size and thus it would last me long. it does nothing for acne, but it did not promise also. with regular use, it imparted a fine glow, but did not blur those acne marks and pigmentation. i did not see any major difference in tan removal either. i would say that it is for people who have dull skin and want it to glow.

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pros of the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser:

• hydrates skin well

• leaves no greasiness or cast behind

• suits oily and sensitive skin

• nice fragrance

• no breakouts

• absorbs into skin easily

• imparts a fine glow

cons of the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser:

• price is on the higher side

• long ingredient list

• no revolutionary change in face

would i repurchase the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser?

no, it is going to last me till it expires.

would i recommend the body shop vitamin c glow boosting moisturiser?

yes, if someone wants a glow on their tired skin and is ready to overlook price, then only go for this one. plus, make sure to purchase after consulting an sa.

imbb rating:


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