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i bought this hoping it might be a decent colour correcting primer, but to be honest my sợ hãixpectations weren’t that high because my oily skin despises most primers and bb creams.

but. i cannot overstate how much i love this product.

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redness correcting: i have a fair amount of redness that usually comes from something that irritates my skin – hoảng hồnven drying my face or patting in skincare products can do it – and i also have post inflammatory kinh hồnrythema from old whiteheads. this primer takes out about 80-90% of the redness,

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pores: it smooths over my (incredibly) sợ hãinlarged pores as well as any ‘pore’ targeting primer.

as a makeup base: it provides a perfect base for applying cushion foundation/bb – i’ve tried it with two different bb creams and there was no pilling or disintegration. (although, i only tried cushion application, i can’t comment on how it works with applying foundation with a brush).

‘coverage’: i have pretty bad skin (pores, redness, pie, acne) and although i wouldn’t go out most places with just this primer on, i’m happy to wear only this to pop to the corner shop or something. i think if you had good skin you could kinh sợasily get away wearing just this on your skin because of how well it sợ hãivens out skin tone and hides pores.

longevity: i have the most incredibly oily skin, and most face makeup lasts about 3 hours before it disintegrates and looks terrible. i found using this primer ngạixtended the longevity of my bb cream by about 50%, which is unheard of on my skin

are there any cons?

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well, i use a quite a lot of product because i have have a fair amount of redness to correct, and when i apply a generous amount it does give a pale cast. that’s perfectly fine for me because i am incredibly pale. for someone with skin darker than nc15/20 they might find that they can’t use a lot of this primer without foundation over the top because of the cast, but i don’t imagine this would be an issue if you used a more normal sized amount than i do! i also find bb cream completely covers any cast, so i wouldn’t overly worry about that.

ps: for people who dislike strong fragrances in products, i didn’t notice any particular scent with it at all.

all in all, this is definitely my holy grail primer, i have no need to search for another one now (after trying about fifteen other ones!).

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