Yves Rocher is rated “Poor” with 1.9 / 5 on Trustpilot

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Yves Rocher is rated "Poor" with 1.9 / 5 on Trustpilot

Yves Rocher is rated "Poor" with 1.9 / 5 on Trustpilot


Can I give 0 stars???The last time I…

Can I give 0 stars???The last time I ordered was months ago. 1 item was missing from my order. I spent 2 MONTHS contacting them. Finally, they sent the missing item & refunded me the item. Great, I thought. They must have felt bad, that’s why I got the refund. NO. Then they tell me I need to pay for it. I decided it was junk & I’m PO’d, so I sent it back. THEN they continue to send me a bill. I told them I returned the item MONTHS ago! I did not want my credit f***ed, so I had to pay them. I hope this is the end. If they ask for anything else…..something bad will happen….

Not cruelty-free

This brand is not cruelty free – it engages in human rights abuses in Russia, in breaches of women’s and trade union rights in Turkey and in animal testing in China. Yves Rocher claims it “can’t stay silent” in the face of public questioning, but it enables and stays silent in the face of political assassination and imprisonment, torture, police violence, forced labour, injustice, censorship, criminalisation of prisoners of conscience and other human rights abuses. Cruelty isn’t natural – don’t make it a part of your skincare routine. Boycott.

Yves Rocher is a deceitful

Yves Rocher is a deceitful, corrupt company that despises laws. For the sake of profit, they go to any crimes and violations of human rights. Also, these fiends torture animals by testing. Avoid their products! Free Navalny!

Awful company, freedom to Navalny!

Awful company providing terrible products! Moreover, Director of Yves Rocher Vostok – Bruno Leproux is a ducking corrupted bustard! How much you were paid for Navalny case? Why are you in France now, bustard?

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Great botanical products with real…

Great botanical products with real results. Have used for years. They are mild yet very effective in the formulations and many of the products are completely natural. A pioneer in natural skincare.

Like their products but unfortunately…

Like their products but unfortunately here in USA I won’t recommend doing business with them. I ordered 3 times in 2020. First package came 2.5 pounds lighter, missing products. Several emails and phone calls later i got my missing products a month later. Second package surprisingly came quick. No problems. Third one I never received.. yves rocher in Europe holds some standards, nice stores, good products. Here its some kind of a joke. Customer service practically does not exist. Do not waste your time

I have been a customer of Yves Rocher…

I have been a customer of Yves Rocher for 20 years. I live in Canada and place all my orders on line once I receive the monthly order line up. I use the whole line of products. Never have a rash or redness. I believe in natural products. I hope this survive the Covd-19 issue and continue to make their products. I have no problems with the on line ordering. Get me notifications as soon as I place my orders receive my package via parcel post in a reasonable time frame. I enjoy the sales and free offers. Makes the use of the products affordable.

I have been an Yves Rocher customer for…

I have been an Yves Rocher customer for over 30 years. I have spent thousands of dollars on their great products. The last few times I ordered it has been a nightmare trying to buy their products! They tell me they can’t place my large order (over $200.00) on a credit card. REALLY? I am ordering online. How do they expect me to pay for the products? UNBELIEVABLE!! I never thought a company would refuse to take my order because I was spending too much money! WOW! What is going on with this company now???????

They suck !!

Yves Rocher will torcher you. By not answering the phone, it will ring for 10 minutes and get disconnected. The rude girls that work there DO NOT do their jobs right. They have went to hell! Everyone needs to report them to the BBB. You can call the BB to report this lousy company

Awful Experience

Awful Experience – i place my on the 10th of December. The Website say ship within 2 days receiving within 4 days if not in a remote area. I live in Denver, today is the 23rd and still have to receive my order.

Called customer service:

first time i call 4 days after i place my order – your order will get shipped today. Next day, nothing, neither the following.

I decide to send them a message through their portal. No response.

I called back and Customer Service told me your order will be shipped today. No shipment was made till 2 days ago.

Today is the 23rd and still in transit. They lie – i hate lies. Just say the truth so we don’t have to keep calling and asking where is the order.

Company still in the 70’s.

Received their catalogue and decided to order online. None of the discounts were applied. Ended up phoning customer service to place the order. They do not follow up with an email so if you want to track your order online it is impossible to do, as you don’t have a “customer number”. You have to call customer service. I have been waiting almost 2 weeks for the order I placed. Called Customer Service (which is another nightmare) and they told me that it had been shipped over a week ago and to wait.

Best product for me

I discovered Yves Rocher year 2006 when lived in America.Moved to UK and become their costumer again. Placed orders every month. Love their products. Now running out my favourite night cream and foundation,can’t find anything like it anywhere 😒. Cleared out eBay 😂

Sad they’re not in business

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Lack of Custmer Service

I called and asked to speak to someone who would listen my complain about the packaging of a product. I was informed that there was no one there but I would receive a call in 48 hours. First of all that is unacceptable. I have a product named Masque Eclat Radiance Mask. The back of the tube is pink with small print directions written in faded white. There is no way I can read it and can therefore not use it. Dumb choice of color and print combination and lousy customer service.

Customer for years

Customer for years. Was sad when they left Ireland but I moved to Scotland and found them again! I loooooved their mail order. So sad to lose them again. Come back to the UK!!!

Waiting forever to place an order by phone

It is almost impossible to reach a customer representative at Yves Rocher in less than 30 minutes. Every time you call. And even after addressing the issue with their customer service, all you hear are excuses and nothing is done. Being a customer for more than 15 years I know that in the last 2-3 years this is their way of doing nothing to improve their customer service. You are encouraged to go online. That is exactly what I do but sometimes you need to speak to one of their representative.

Extremely disappointed in the stories they make up instead of fixing the problem and work towards true customer satisfaction.

I have been their customer since 2016

I have been their customer since 2016. I love their perfume even though the scent does not last long on me. I also like their Gel Effect top coat because it looks like a gel polish on your nail and the free gifts. What i do not like about them is their customer service. Pray that you don’t have to contact them for anything. The people handling the phone are very rude and will sometimes hang up on you with no apology and without calling you back. I called them today to place an order and the lady hung up on me, i called back and reported the issue with the next person who answered the phone and she said “whatever” and that i should just continue with my order by telling her the item number. I had to drop the phone and this will be my last transaction with them.

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